It’s Fall!


It’s fall! It’s fall! IT’S FALL!!! One of my favorite times of the year…cooler weather, beautiful natural decorations, and great ingredients (pumpkin!) As a kid I used to scour the wooded area near my elementary school for perfect acorns during PE and hide them in my pockets until it was time to go home. Then I’d proudly show off my collection to my mom who I’m sure was thinking A. Hope those don’t have bugs and B. What are we going to do with another pocketful of acorns?

Here in Austin the weather has been unpredictable, over 100 degrees for a week then cooler for a few days. This last cold snap has totally put me in the mood. Last night I made chili with jalapeno and cheese cornbread and glazed pumpkin bars. Recipes coming soon!

This weekend with a high in the 80s (just barely), I decided it was time to pull out the yummy fall candles and the two tubs of fall décor (yes I said 2!) and began to decorate.

Here’s some of what I did:

Front entry table

The buffet

On the floor by the TV

Coffee Table (My Fave!)

Next up I need to get some more leaf garland, mums and front porch décor. But I think I’ll wait until I’m sure we aren’t going to hit 100 again!


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