What Dreams are made of…


A friend posted a photo on Instagram that really had me thinking.

It was a Dream Board.

dream board complete

So what’s a dream board? It can be anything you want. For Mr. RWB and I, it provides a visual reminder of our non-professional goals for the next 10 years. We’re firm believers in setting goals and working towards them. While things don’t always go as plan, having clear ideas of where you want to end up helps you make the right decision when opportunities present themselves.

Without further ado, let’s make a dream board!

First find a frame the right size for the space. I found this one at Savers but hated the gold.dream board before

A little tape on the grey and black craft paint and voila!dream frame

Next, I took a large cork board, cut to size and covered with fabric.dream board staple

Put the fabric board into the frame.dream board inlaydream corner

TADA! Hang and pin the dreams.dream board finish


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