VertsKebap is one of the hip relatively new places in Austin. Opened in 2011 by fellow longhorns, the food blogger community has been buzzing about it for quite some time. As usual, I’m not really into super hip or traveling into town for a quick bite so I waited until it came out to the ‘burbs’ of northwest Austin.

Now I’m wishing I hadn’t waited so long…

Alas better late than never. So what’s so great about this place? Imagine the flavors and preparation of Europe colliding with convenience and vibe of Austin. That’s Verts. Community style table in the middle of the restaurant lets you eat and mingle while the recycle and trash let you do your part.

Now let’s talk about the food. There are really only a few items to choose from; a wrap, a salad and a kebap (like a panini).  Next choice is meat  (or non meat). The chicken and beef/lamb combo are rotating ready to be cut. Did I mention it’s 95% Texas brisket? For non meat eaters, there is falafel and a new item lamb meatballs. Let me just tell you, go for the meatballs! They taste like Greek keftedes with real parsley and rich flavor.

Then comes the fun part, picking out your toppings. This is where they hit a home run with me. Tons of fresh options from lettuce to tomato, cucumber, red bell peppers and more. You can see them prepping from where you order. Any place that starts with fresh whole veggies is high in my book. The last step is to add one of their homemade sauces. The house is similar to tzatziki and  the spicy red is creamy yogurt with a kick of cayenne.

It’s safe to say this is going on my short list of quick healthy meals. Cheers!

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  1. Larry Hendon August 1, 2016 at 3:53 am Reply

    That looks really Good! I like your website alot!! Nice job!

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