Cake in a Jar


cake in a jar finish

During our time in California, we made some great friends. Two of the people we spent quite a bit of time with in the homeless ministry were engaged. They are perfect for each other.

The wedding was scheduled for after the move so we made plans to attend. I thought it would be fun to get all the ladies together the day before the wedding so I planned a Queen’s tea for the bride. There’s a super cute and totally girly tea room in Livermore, CA called The English Rose Tea Room.  They have an amazing apple crumb cake tea.

Favors are crucial for an proper event and the distance from Austin to the bay area added an additional complication. Mason jars are the perfect vessel to get a sweet treat across the country.cake in a jar empty Word of warning, cake in a jar is not allowed as a carry on. A whole cake is acceptable but neatly in a jar is not. Oy! Anyway after some creative thinking the jars made it and were a huge hit. They were way easier than I had imagined and totally adorable.

To make cake in a jar you need the following:

Mason jars with ribbon and sticker (Avery labels work great)cake in a jar empy

Cake cut into rounds (cookie cutter works great)cake in a jar

Buttercream frosting in a piping bag with a star tip

Sprinklescake in a jar pearls


To assemble the Cake in a Jar:

1. Take cut cake rounds and place in the bottom of the mason jar.cake in a jar bottom

2. Pipe a thin later of frosting so that it covers the cake.cake in a jar frosting

3. Place another later of cake in the jar and add another layer of frosting beginning on the outside and end in the center.cake in a jar 3

5. Top with sprinkles and close the lid.cake in a jar 1

6. Enjoy the oohs and ahhs!cake in a jar finished


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