Chipotle Parmesan Garlic Bread


garlic bread chipotle

Sometimes I’m a rebel in the kitchen. Ok so maybe most of the time.  I don’t follow the white wine with fish and only certain spices go in dishes.  By the way cinnamon in chili is awesome!

So Urban Accents out of Chicago (I fly there like every other week) sent me a great package of goodies. But more on that in a future post.  One of the favorite things I saw on their website was the corn on the cob shakers. With summer here in Austin, grilled corn on the cob is often on the menu. The shakers were the perfect complement!

The shakers come in chili lime and chipotle Parmesan.  One Saturday afternoon while waiting for the portabellos and corn to finish, I became munchy hungry or mungry. I had picked up some French bread from Sweetish Hill Bakery at the farmer’s market and had an idea…light bulb…I love Despicable Me!garlic bread sweetish hill

 Anyway, I brushed with some olive oil and popped on the grill for a minute or two per side.

garlic breadThen sprinkle with some chipotle Parmesan…voila! A beautiful and tasty app that’s perfect for summer!

garlic toast 1

Sometimes being a food blogger has it’s perks…yum!



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