Fall in a Glass


fall in a glass 2


I love fall.

And cocktails…

And apples…

And cinnamon…

This drink has all that!


fall in a glass 3

I did some infusing again. This time I used cinnamon candy corn in vodka. (I put candy corn in a mason jar with vodka and let time do the rest.) Added some 100% apple juice soda and voila!

fall in a apple


Fall in a glass!

This would also be great with hot apple cider. A warm adult drink for those cold nights!


Add 1 part cinnamon infused vodka to

1 1/2 parts apple juice soda in a shaker of ice.

Shake and serve!

Fall in a glass 1

For 1 drink:

Calories – 181

Carbs – 22 g

Protein – 0 g


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