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The last 5 months, well, 4.75 have been spent on assignment in Chicago. I’ve been able to live downtown and drive to the plant everyday. It’s wonderful…but it’s not home. When I was packing up my stuff from the corporate apartment, I couldn’t help but think about the things I’ve missed the most. Enjoy my top 10 list (though there are many more!)

Top 10 things I missed about Austin

1.     My family – Mr. RWB has been so supportive and held down the fort.Lou and Bella can put a smile on anyone no matter what happened that day! Not to mention they are some of the best taste testers.Lou and bell

2.     My Kitchen – Though not perfect, it has lots of light, tools and aprons galore. It’s surprising how different things look when you’re trying to be creative in a box.

3.     My Closet – Living out of basically a suitcase for 4 months gets old…fast! I mean a girl needs her choices! Though I will miss all the awesome shopping, I

4.     Cedar Park Farmer’s Market – Yes there are farmer’s markets in Chicago but the ones that are close happen during the week…during the day. Who can attend those? Not this girl. Also, I can’t bike there with Mr. RWB. We love that it’s dog friendly and always grab a coffee from the corner booth, amazing mushrooms and whatever looks great that week. It’s my favorite way to spend $20.

5.     H-E-B and Sprouts – These are my two favorite grocery stores. So Mariano’s is awesome and close but they don’t have ginormous stores, cooking demonstrations, tons of bulk items and things that you can only get in Texas (like Blue Bell!) Not to mention great sales, Sprouts double ad days and H-E-Bs combo locos.

6.     Chuy’s Happy Hour and Trudy’s Brunch – Chuy’s Happy hour has free queso, chips and salsa. Not to mention the New Mexican Martini is fabulous…think hatch chili peppers! Trudy’s brunch – Two words: Miga Tacos! Oh and the frozen grapefruit margarita on the patio is perfect for summer!

7.     Afternoon trips to the winery – I love being a half hour from an awesome winery. Picnics on the patio with a bottle of wine make for a perfect afternoon. They have wine on tap and growlers too!

8.     Texas BBQ – Rudy’s, County Line, Salt Lick, etc…From what I hear Chicago has some great BBQ and even some touted as Texas but if it’s north of Mason Dixon, I’m not interested!

9.     Whataburger Taquitos and Sonic’s Cherry Limeades – Whataburger is Texas’ fast food king. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, the taquitos are by far my favorite. While there may be a Sonic somewhere in Chicago, they are everywhere in Texas and the limeades are a staple of summer and road tripping.

10.  Summer weather – Chicago has been unseasonable cool this year. When I arrived in March the average high was supposed to be in the 40s…it was in the 20s. The trend has continued as I woke up last weekend and swore it was apple and pumpkin time (yay fall!) I may change my mind after I’m back a while but for now I’m ready for summer.

Be on the lookout for a similar list for Chicago!


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  1. Britney Sauer August 14, 2013 at 8:08 am Reply

    Do you go to the farmer’s market at Lakeline mall? I just moved up north and I’ve been wanting to try it out. Any insider tips?


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