Cake Balls – Round 2!


After my first monumental failure, I was a little leery of trying cakeballs again. Fortunately, my mishap inspired my mom to give it a try. Not once, not twice but three different times! Granted she was making them for a charity event but she now has a lot of practice. Fortunately she came to visit the weekend of Jack’s Generic Tri. Did I mention I improved my time by 40 minutes!!! Anyway, she decided to spend a few days before heading back to get ready for the start of school. While she was here we went shopping, had pedicures and made cakeballs…successfully!

Cakeballs are really simple:

  1. Bake a cake.
  2. Crumble the cake and add frosting.
  3. Roll into balls and cover with chocolate and sprinkles.

It may be simple but it’s not easy. If you follow those directions, you’ll end up with squishy gooshy cake blobs. It will taste good but look like a hot mess!

So what happened different this time?

  1. Bake the cake with vegetable oil NOT olive oil. Olive oil is great at creating wonderful moist cake but is too wet for cake balls.
  2. Crumble the cake while it’s still hot, like almost burn your fingers hot, almost!
  3. The freezer is your best friend.
  4. Use chocolate bark or Wilton baking melts and add ½ teaspoon shortening while melting in small batches.
  5. Plan to work on it sporadically all night. Not to say you can’t do other things but to keep the balls hard, they take a lot of time in the freezer. Neglect this one and you’ll end up with a hot mess. (See Cake Balls: Round 1)

Crumble cake while still hot. Allow cake to cool and stir in ½ can of frosting. (Err on the side too little, trust me.) Put bowl of cake in the freezer for at least an hour.


Roll into balls,

freeze for an additional ½ hour.

Melt a small amount of chocolate, dip sticks into the chocolate and press into the balls. Put in the freezer for an additional ½ hour to 1 ½ hour. They should be very hard.

Melt chocolate and add shortening. Pull ½ dozen balls out at a time and coat completely with chocolate.

Add sprinkles. Repeat. This is really best done with two people – one to dip and one to decorate.

Voila! They actually look like cake balls!

Final tally:

Cakeballs: 1 Melissa: 1 Mom: 4


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