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Howdy everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a little absent the last few weeks. Things around here have changed a bit. Received a great opportunity with my company to head to Chicago…(again).  I was up here before with my previous company but I remember it being a bit warmer by this time.

Alas, I’m quite enjoying my little furnished apartment in downtown, the awesome food and watching the sun rise in the morning over the lake.

Last month I joined a group at The Lean Green Bean called Foodie Pen Pals. Basically you get matched up with someone and prepare a box, $15 limit with all your favorite foodie things. Then you get a box with someone else’s favorite things. It’s brilliant!

I was paired with Taylor from Still my Same Girl and sent some awesome Texas favorites! My box came from a reader who has awesome taste. Take a look at all the goodies!

march foodie loot 2

Since I was out of town, I opened the box this weekend with my sister. The chocolate was my first stop. march foodie chocolates

I had never seen anything like this and it was awesome!march foodie pen pal chocolate

My sister loved the individual seaweed packs – only 20 calories a pack and totally addicting.march foodie pel pan seaweed

I can’t wait to try the rest of the yummy treats…especially this Greek olive tapanade!march foodie olive


To join in on the fun head over to The Lean Green Bean and sign up!march foodie pen pal loot 1


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  1. Karen @BakingInATornado April 4, 2013 at 5:05 am Reply

    What a fun idea. Great way to connect but also see what other people’s secret indulgences are.

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