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BBA popcorn finish 2

Healthy snacks are always an issue for me.  I love food and lots of it so no; a dainty 1”x 1” square of cake is not going to do it for me. Yes I love petite fours but want like 5, you know like a normal piece of cake.  Anyway in an effort to reduce sugar and avoid chips, I’ve turned to popcorn. Not microwave or movie theatre but honest to goodness, old fashioned popcorn with a twist.  One of my Facebook friends offered up a sample of their amazing spice blends and let’s just say I’m taking full advantage.

Mystic Blue Spice Company is family owned in Buckeye, Arizona. The business started when they couldn’t find spice blends that were “just herbs and spices.”  Their sticky sweet BBQ is just perfect for popcorn offering up both savory and slightly sweet flavors.

There are two methods to making this popcorn. Beware if you try it on the stove, the pot will end up a little charred. But who doesn’t have a pan that looks like it survived an explosion!

Easy, tasty, healthy and way more satisfying  than a tiny cake or a handful of jelly beans!

bbq spice and popcorn


½ cup of popcorn

Olive oil (optional)

¼ cup butter, melted

1 – 3 tbsp. Mystic Spice Sticky Sweet BBQ blend

Salt (optional)

Method 1 – In a medium sauce pan, place 1 tbsp. olive oil and ½ cup of popcorn. Place lid on BBQ popcorn potand shake over medium high heat for 5 – 15 minutes (depends on stove type, remove from heat after a 3 second delay in pops).BBQ popcorn popped

Method 2 – Place ½ cup of popcorn in a brown paper bag (lunch sack) and place in microwave for 3 – 6 minutes. DON’T WALK AWAY or it will burn! Stop microwave when there is a 3 second delay in pops.

2. Once popcorn is done pour melted butter, spice blend and salt on the popcorn and shake well. For more heavily seasoned popcorn additional butter or oil and seasoning is needed.

3. Enjoy!BBQ flavored popcorn finish 1


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  1. Tumbleweed Contessa March 28, 2013 at 7:02 pm Reply

    I should have stopped by yesterday and told you that I saw this at What’d You Do This Weekend just about the time I was thinking of a snack. It looks delicious. I shared on G+ and Pinterest as a mid-week feature. Will be featured next week at the party. Thanks so much for sharing. I have to get some of that seasoning. Krista

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