30 Day Challenge


30 Day Challenge

Today is the beginning of RWB’s 30 day challenge. Lately the blog and our bellies have been filled with lots of sweets, bread and cocktails and they sure have been tasty. Not so good to our waist lines though. So in an effort to curb my sugar cravings and bring portions back under control, we are endeavoring to make a few changes between now and Easter on March 31st. I invite you to take this challenge with me, as a reminder to simply life and focus on faith and family. This is a time to renew strength while minimizing time in the kitchen and maybe even lose a little weight.


Here are the rules:

1.     Cut out all refined sugar. (This one is going to be hard for me!)

2.     Cut out starches like potatoes, flour, rice, barley, couscous and bread. (Going to be hard for Mr. RWB!)

3.     Limit alcohol consumption to twice a week. (Another hard one for me, it’s so easy to have a glass of wine with dinner.)

4.     Exercise at least 30 minutes – 3 times a week focusing on strength training and cardio.

5.     Allowed 1 cheat day a week. (Can’t always be perfect!) Also, I recommend putting cravings in a box – either real or written on a piece of paper – look at it periodically to remember that you are strong and food doesn’t control you.


Recipes posted this month, with a few exceptions, will follow this stripped down lean and green (and red and orange and purple) view. That’s not to say they will be bland or boring! I expect there will be some struggles and opposition (especially from Mr. RWB) but look forward to experimenting with some new ingredients and gaining new perspective along the way.


Let the journey begin!

***I am not a nutritionist, believe this will work for everyone or anything of the like. Please consult with your doctor about your diet and exercise plan.


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  1. Beverley Williams March 1, 2013 at 8:12 am Reply

    I’ll take the challenge. As a diabetic I already do the no refined sugar and very few starches. But I will do the exercises. Should be fun.

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