Red Carpet Razz-tini


red carpet razz tini 2

Welcome to recipe 4 in the candy corn saga! Check out 2 Ingredient Valentine’s Toffee, Valentine’s Munch, Flirty Candy-tini for the rest of the saga.

This fun drink is perfect for an Oscar party and easy enough for Girl’s night! That being said the Oscars are tomorrow. I’m not big into award shows or movies for that matter (I’ve only seen 1 film that’s nominated this year. My sis wanted to go see Les Mes over the holidays) but I love watching the stars walk the red carpet. How fun would it be to pick a killer dress, get your hair done up awesome and have all eyes on you! Pretty fabulous!red carpet razz tini 1

As I walk watch the red carpet festivities, this drink is just perfect to celebrate the evening.

candy corn vodka 1


1/2 oz. candy corn vodka (Recipe)

1/2 oz. raspberry vodka

Sprite Zero


1. Chill a martini glass.

2. Add vodka to chilled glass and fill with Sprite. Enjoy!red carpet tini 1


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